SCET Faculty Shuo Chen on Corporate Social Justice & the Future of Data Privacy


October 5, 2022


Shuo Chen YouTube Thumbnail

SCET faculty, commission member in California’s Mental Health Commission and industry fellow, Shuo Chen, was recently interviewed on The Robots Are Coming podcast where she talked about how future business models can be created without selling data, how Web3 can help with data privacy by allowing users to own their data, how data privacy can be maintained in the future while still punishing bad behavior, and how it will be up to Gen Z to decide what the boundaries are for ethical use of data in the future.

Berkeley students will have the opportunity to learn from Shuo in the Spring Challenge Lab 2023 course on the future of work, How to Think Like an Entrepreneur: The Unspoken Rules of Navigating the Future of Work (ENGIN 183C-002 · Challenge Lab · 4 units)

About the Robots Are Coming podcast

The Robots Are Coming is a podcast created by Michael and Ken who are graduates of Stanford and UC Berkeley. It was only recently that the impact and challenges of automation have entered the mainstream conversation. Automation is no longer the Terminators’ and Transformers’ of science fiction movies or dystopian novels. It’s already here and radically changing how we work, live, think and even feel. We’re eager to bridge the gap of awareness between our bubble and the rest of the country by sharing our insights into how the invisible hand of technology plays a role underneath the surface of modern society.